Streetwear is far more than T-shirts, hoodies and sneakers anymore. While the garments that make up the bedrock of the genre are pedestrian in nature, it’s become clear that success as a streetwear brand in the present day is a fusion of top-tier product and a clear brand perspective. The brand that manages to find footing through unique spins on classic product, a varied product spread and establish a balance between hype and genuine “cool” will find longevity.

It’s easy to see Supreme’s Box Logo label and assume that all streetwear needs to succeed is a memorable logo. That’s certainly important, but that’s not the whole story. With so many “struggle streetwear brands” clogging up the space thanks to the style’s resurgence in pop culture, it might take newcomers a second to sort out those that are worth a second look. Here’s a selection of our favorite streetwear labels shifting the game. If you’re getting into streetwear—or trying to figure out what the hell the genre even is—start here.

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