At a time where starting a streetwear label seems like you’re screaming into the wind, it takes a truly unique voice in order to stand out from the crowded chorus of side labels, skatewear, and Supreme-inspired brands. Ironically, when it comes to one of the most interesting labels in the streetwear scene, it’s found success by not trying to be a streetwear brand at all.

Founded in 2014, Brain Dead began as a conversation and grew into a collaborative project between Kyle Ng (known for his work behind Farm Tactics, and later, AXS Folk Technology) and Ed Davis (known for Rat Brain and his work with Melbourne’s Doomsday Store). The two met—ironically—via the internet, discovering that they had the same passion for B-movies, underground culture, “and weirdo stuff in general.”. When Ng emailed Davis out of the blue after receiving one of Davis’ Rat Brain tees as a gift, it didn’t take long for the two to click organically. Using that T-shirt as an aesthetic starting line (the T-shirt in question mashed-up the Patagonia logo with Hellraiser’s Pinhead), the foundation of Brain Dead was born. It might surprise many that the majority of the brand’s work has been done almost entirely online, as Ng and Davis contribute to a project and then pass it back and forth between two separate continents (Ng lives in California, while Davis resides in Australia).