A craft both archaic and constantly on-trend, tie dye is one of the few infallible menswear fads. While the style sways in popularity, it, as of late, is particularly popular. Although we naturally associate the pattern with hippies, the anti-war movement and "free love" in general, what tie dye truly is, where it comes from and how it works is actually far more complex. In light of the global impact of COVID-19—and, of course, today’s date—we felt it was the perfect time to break down exactly what tie dye is, where it’s from and the proper way to tie dye clothes.

While you can’t currently leave the house, all it takes is a kit, some wash rags and an old T-shirt to transform a wardrobe has been into a brand new piece of clothing. That said, not every piece in your wardrobe will work. In order to properly understand how to tie dye your clothes, it’s critical to understand the history of the craft itself, how to tie dye properly and lastly—for those too lazy or simply uninterested in doing it themselves—the brands that do it best.

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