Undefeated originally opened as a clothing and sneaker boutique in Los Angeles, California in 2002. Founded by streetwear industry veterans James Bond and Eddie Cruz, the shop was influential to the scene almost immediately, due to the city’s lack of sneaker boutiques. Soon enough, Undefeated introduced its own in-house clothing line which included T-shirts and hoodies among other sportswear goods. Because of its massive influence in a city as large as Los Angeles, Undefeated has collaborated with many sneaker brands, including heavy hitters such as Nike and adidas. Undefeated has also collaborated with popular streetwear brands like Anti Social Social Club and BAPE.

Who founded Undefeated clothing?
Undefeated was founded by James Bond and Eddie Cruz.

What brand uses the 5 tally marks as a logo?
Undefeated uses what it refers to as the “Five Strike” logo.

When was Undefeated founded?
Undefeated was founded in 2002.

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