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While Carhartt today is a massive brand and the top name in workwear, its beginnings are as humble as they come. Founded in Michigan in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt, the brand started out with two sewing machines and five employees. In a simple but genius move in customer service, Carhartt and his employees spoke with local rail workers and put their requests into the clothing. The result manifested in a bib overall with wide legs, extra pockets and snag-proof fabrication. After receiving direct feedback from Carhartt’s own customers, unsurprisingly, the piece was a hit. Carhartt’s prioritization of blue collar workers and their needs is what made the company the success it is today.

Though the brand is still extremely popular in the workwear market, Carhartt has gained favor with the fashion minded crowd in recent years thanks to its affordable prices and durable design. For almost a decade, its Watch Cap beanies have become the new industry standard for affordable, acrylic winter headwear. The double knee pants have become a winter staple for many, as the style has also been copied by high fashion brands. The Detroit Jacket has also become a favorite of blue and white collar crowds alike.

Is Carhartt American made?
Carhartt makes some, but not all, of its products in the United States.

Who owns Carhartt?
Carhartt is still owned by the Carhartt family.

Is Carhartt made in China?
Some Carhartt products are made in China.

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