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Although Chrome Hearts has recently begun to enjoy the spotlight thanks to its intricately designed and high quality jewelry, the brand started out as a leather manufacturer. In 1988, Richard Stark, Leonard Kamhout and John Bowman had the idea to start making clothes for themselves and their gang of motorcyclists. Soon enough, the leather jackets and pants the group made became popular amongst Los Angeles’ motorcyclists. It wasn’t long before Chrome Hearts was tasked with doing costume design for the film Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town. Lucky for Stark, one of the actors in the film introduced them to their newest fan: Steve Jones, lead guitarist of The Sex Pistols. Jones began wearing Chrome Hearts on stage, which eventually led to members of Aerosmith and Motley Crüe performing in the brand’s leather goods as well.

From the beginning, Chrome Hearts didn’t regard itself as a fashion brand in the traditional sense. When the brand won the CFDA Award for Best Accessories Designer in 1992, Stark nearly rejected it because he was unfamiliar with the CFDA. Despite its rebellious nature and desire to stand apart from the industry, Chrome Hearts is a fashion brand. Ironically enough, one of its most popular pieces recently has nothing to do with the cornerstones of Chrome Hearts, leather and jewelry, but instead a trendy piece of headwear. The Trucker Hat is nearly as big today as it was in the early-’00s and Chrome Hearts’ is among the most popular. Chrome Hearts’ recent collaborations with brands like BAPE, Comme Des Garçons and Off-White have also helped further establish the brands presence in contemporary fashion.

Although the brand is growing closer to the fashion world, Chrome Hearts’ most popular items are currently its jewelry. Items such as the Dagger Pendant and the Fuck You Spacer have become highly sought after. For decades, Chrome Hearts has outfitted fans in high quality biker style goods and from the looks of things, it seems like they have many more to go.

Who is the owner of Chrome Hearts?
Richard Stark.

What is Chrome Hearts jewelry made of?
Chrome Hearts uses silver, gold and diamonds in its products.

How long has Chrome Hearts been around?
Chrome Hearts was founded in 1988.

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