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Despite his first few T-shirts and shorts being instant hits, surfboard maker Shawn Stussy was reluctant on starting a clothing line. It took an old friend by the name of Frank Sinatra Jr. to truly get the ball rolling on what would become one of the biggest streetwear brands of all time. Since its founding in 1984, Stussy has embodied an authentic mashup of skate, punk and hip-hop culture. Stussy’s constant stream of graphic tees, hoodies, and other quintessential pieces have firmly cemented its place in streetwear culture. Stussy gained international recognition thanks to the “International Stussy Tribe”—a collection of tastemakers and trendsetters from countries around the world. Those in the original International Stussy Tribe would go on to become influential in their own right, including names like Hiroshi Fujiwara and Slam Jam’s Luca Benini. Ultimately, you don’t have the modern streetwear landscape—including Supreme and BAPE—without Stussy.

Think of any streetwear brand of note and Stussy has probably collaborated with them. From sneakers and athletic gear with Nike to tees and hoodies with BAPE and Mastermind and so many more, Stussy’s worked with em all.

Is Stussy a women's brand?
While we believe all clothing is unisex, Stussy produces both menswear and womenswear collections.

Is Stussy still popular?
Yes, Stussy is still a popular brand.

Is Stussy a hypebeast brand?
Among many others, hypebeasts have taken a liking to Stussy.

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