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“Ambition to Create Novel Expression” is the mission statement and name of Jonny Johansson’s brand Acne Studios. Founded in Sweden in 1996, Acne Studios started out producing raw denim and has since expanded into a full, head-to-toe clothing brand. At the height of the minimalist, “upscale basics” trend of the 2010s, Acne Studios rose in popularity, providing high quality, tasteful clothing with minimal branding. Despite expanding into other areas, denim is still a cornerstone for the Stockholm-based company, with its Ace Denim and Max Cash cuts remaining fan favorites.

What does Acne Studios stand for?
The acronym “Acne” stands for “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions.”

Where can I buy Acne Studios?
Acne Studios is available at its own brick and mortar locations, stockists and its own website—as well as Grailed.

Who created Acne Studios?
Jonny Johansson is the founder of Acne Studios.

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