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Yohji Yamamoto’s legendary fashion line started in 1972. After a few rough years, Yamamoto finally caught a break in 1977 when his collection was shown at Tokyo’s Bell Commons, receiving critical acclaim. By 1982, the label was a multi-million dollar success, churning out highly influential men’s and women’s collections. Yamamoto is known for his draping, dramatic silhouettes and use of the color black. In 2003, Yamamoto teamed up with adidas to create Y-3—an ongoing collaboration that has influenced fashion at large, and sportswear in particular, for years.

What is Yohji Yamamoto known for?
Yohji Yamamoto is mainly known for oversized black silhouettes and his ongoing collaboration with adidas, Y-3.

Is Y-3 owned by adidas?
Yes, Y-3 is a collaboration between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto.

Why is it called Y-3?
The “Y” stands for Yohji and the “3” is for the three stripes, adidas’ logo.

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