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The internet has created an almost even platform for many to find their own style. Whether you’re into streetwear, high fashion or traditional menswear, there is a section of the internet that caters to your interests. However, after two decades of people around the world using the internet to craft their personal style and so many people now paying attention to what were once niche worlds, some homogeneity is bound to occur. For those looking to break free from modern fashion trends, vintage clothing has been the escape. By shopping vintage, buyers are not only curbing their impact on the environment as opposed to buying brand new clothing from a traditional store, they’re also adding a unique flare to their wardrobe.

What clothing is considered vintage?
Vintage is a colloquial term referring to clothing made and released between 20 and 100 years ago.

Are vintage clothes second hand?
More often than not, the clothing has been worn but some vintage clothing collectors/sellers also deal in deadstock (meaning clothing that hasn’t been worn) vintage clothing as well.

Why is vintage clothing so popular?
Fashion is cyclical and when a trend returns to the spotlight, some prefer to hunt for the original pieces that started the trend, as opposed to new pieces or reproductions.

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