Despite New York City’s reputation as a fashion and culture capital, a case could be made that California’s biggest cities (namely Los Angeles and San Francisco) have shaped streetwear the most over the past thirty years. New York may be the birthplace of hip-hop and sneaker culture, but LA and SF artists, designers, skaters and aficionados have interpreted these movements and turned them into graphics, brands and even shops. Some of the brands on the following list are big names, while others have kept a relatively low profile since their inception. Regardless, all have influenced the direction of streetwear in significant ways: introducing satirical graphics, translating fine art from canvas to T-shirt, debuting the “first” ape logo, tying street and skateboarding cultures together and championing the place of sneakers within fashion are just a handful of these brands’ achievements. Check out the list below for a closer look at the origins of these California brands—other than Stüssy—that have helped make streetwear what it is today.

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