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Master Class

In-depth dives on the brands, designers and names shaping fashion today

Master Class
The Intersection of Art and Streetwear: The Legacy of KAWS

Over the past decade, the gap between the art and fashion world has all but diminished....

By Marc Richardson April 15, 2019 9 Comments
Master Class
The Exclusive and Elusive History of Goyard

Few brands can boast such longevity, dedication to hand-craftsmanship, and iconic statu...

By Phil Levens April 08, 2019 8 Comments
Master Class
"The Shot": A History of the Air Jordan IV

A brief history of the Jordan IV

By Stephen Albertini February 19, 2019 8 Comments
Master Class
Cut from Italian Cloth: A Brief History of Barena Venezia

While Barena Venezia may not yet have the lineage of Italian juggernauts such as Loro P...

By Jacob Victorine February 18, 2019 4 Comments
Master Class
Checks Over Stripes: Drake's Fashion Evolution

Drake is not Pharrell Williams, nor is he Kanye West—he is not a style icon by any defi...

By Marc Richardson February 12, 2019 17 Comments
Master Class
Godfather of Streetwear: The Life and Legacy of Hiroshi Fujiwara

Japan’s preeminent tastemaker, Hiroshi Fujiwara is the pinnacle of Japanese streetwear....

By Rocky Li January 31, 2019 18 Comments
Master Class
The Reshuffled Culture of J.W. Anderson

In fashion, the ability to curate references and cultivate ideas from them reigns supre...

By Jacob Victorine January 21, 2019 3 Comments
Master Class
The Evolving Exchange Between America and Japan

The United States enjoys a special relationship with the United Kingdom that extends to...

By Marc Richardson January 17, 2019 6 Comments
Master Class
A New Blueprint: A History of the Air Max 95

Milton Glaser, legendary designer of “I Love New York” logo and the now-famous Bob Dyla...

By Stephen Albertini January 10, 2019 4 Comments
Master Class
From Mountain Trails To Runways: A Brief History of Salomon

Those who spent winters on the snowy slopes should be familiar with Salomon. The French...

By Marc Richardson January 08, 2019 5 Comments
Master Class
More Than Just a Man: A History of the adidas Stan Smith

It’s been 33 years since Stan Smith retired from the game of tennis, but you’d never kn...

By Stephen Albertini December 27, 2018 4 Comments
Master Class
One Brick At A Time: A Brief History of MediCom Toy

Endlessly fawning over clothes is exhausting. Eventually, every fashion-fanatic widens ...

By Gunner Park December 20, 2018 5 Comments
Master Class
Embrace the Fat Tongue: A Brief History of the Nike SB Dunk

The sneaker market was fundamentally different twenty years ago. At the turn of the cen...

By Marc Richardson December 17, 2018 6 Comments
Master Class
Reacting to Foam: A History of Nike React Technology

Back in February, Nike unveiled its [Epic React Flyknit sneaker](

By Gunner Park December 06, 2018 8 Comments
Master Class
Clarks' Cultural Footprint

With one of the most eclectic fanbases in footwear, [Clarks](

By Marc Richardson November 15, 2018 7 Comments
Master Class
A Guide to Arc’teryx: One Fossil, Many Forms

Few brands have as varied a fan base as Arc’teryx lays claim to. Mainstream brands like...

By Marc Richardson November 12, 2018 10 Comments