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The Best of Dad Style

Father knows best.

By Grailed Team June 14, 2019 11 Comments
Jim Jarmusch's Most Stylish Films: A Look at Three Classics

"Stranger Than Paradise", "Ghost Dog" and "Only Lovers Left Alive"

By Tristen Harwood June 14, 2019 8 Comments
Inspired: Our Favorite Skepta Looks

The UK grime mainstay has become a style icon.

By Grailed Team May 31, 2019 13 Comments
Our Favorite Keanu Reeves On-Screen Looks

From Ted Theodore Logan to John Wick

By Grailed Team May 21, 2019 19 Comments
Cary Grant's "North By Northwest" Suit Is the Greatest in Film History

There are few universally held opinions in fashion or in film, but the claim that Cary ...

By Brenden Gallagher January 28, 2019 7 Comments
French Revolution: How Three French Films Use Clothing as Counterculture

French filmmaking has significantly influenced contemporary cinema, providing a trove o...

By Tristen Harwood January 22, 2019 12 Comments
From Virgil Hilts to Frank Bullitt: The On-Screen Style of Steve McQueen

Ask a hundred (American) men to name a style icon and chances are the plurality will me...

By Marc Richardson November 19, 2018 6 Comments
Mob Ties: Italian-American Style in Media

For better or worse, America has always had a love affair with Italian-American mob fil...

By Stephen Albertini November 06, 2018 14 Comments
Slimane, Suits and the Staying Power of Sneakers

The biggest takeaway from Hedi Slimane’s debut at Celine last week was, predictably, “B...

By Eamon Levesque October 08, 2018 28 Comments
How Zippo Made the Lighter A Style Icon

It’s a human sensation; we are drawn to fire. This has been true since before man produ...

By Brenden Gallagher September 20, 2018 10 Comments
How Modern Brands are Disrupting Convention on the Tennis Court

Fashion has always had a tightly woven relationship with sport. The aesthetics associat...

By Marc Richardson July 11, 2018 3 Comments
On "On 'Camp'": How An Obscure Essay Predicted Balenciaga Crocs

In hindsight, the 1960’s seem burdened with purpose. For America and the West, this wa...

By Alex Rakestraw July 06, 2018 13 Comments
Our Favorite World Cup Kits Throughout the Years

If you think that the World Cup is exclusively about who ends up lifting the golden tro...

By Marc Richardson July 03, 2018 19 Comments
On The Road: Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation's Style

Take someone from 70 years ago, drop them on a city street today. Would their style fit...

By Brenden Gallagher June 29, 2018 10 Comments
A Quick Look at Diddy's Impact on Modern Fashion

Last year, as a bit of an upset from history, it was a dude who created one of the most...

By Mikelle Street June 27, 2018 4 Comments
Tom Ford: Designer as Director

Fashion’s influence on film is undeniable. Fashion designers often moonlight as costume...

By Brenden Gallagher June 15, 2018 6 Comments