Unfortunately, the Yankees need to wait another year to try and win their first World Series championship in over a decade. Questionable management paired with great regular season play that doesn’t translate to the postseason, along with overpaid and under-delivering “superstars” with a splash of pitching woes and you have yet another concoction that is the annual Yankee postseason special. Needless to say, it has been another disappointing season for the storied franchise, in what has proved to be a historically tumultuous and sordid year for, well, everyone.

Yet, somehow, the Yankees still attract an innumerable amount of fans sticking by their side, even if they can’t name the third-year shortstop who is really better suited for second base. It’s because they have garnered such momentum over their lifespan, they have become an unstoppable force. Yes, within the game of baseball. Yes, in the world of sports. But, more than anything, within pop culture. The Yankees aren’t just one person, like Pele or Serena Williams or Michael Jordan. They are an icon that people yearn to identify with.

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