No show captivated sitcom audiences quite like Seinfeld. The “show about nothing” is a perfect time capsule of all things nineties. From references to Steinbrenner’s Yankees to Nike huaraches on Jerry’s feet, the show perfectly captured the time period in a way few others have. Inadvertently, the Seinfeld cast laid the foundation for “normcore,” the unavoidable style trope that had us all dressing like over-eager dads. More than simply a reflection of the main characters style, there exists a direct connection between the trend and show itself. The aesthetic of the show is so quintessentially ‘90s, that any revival inevitably would lead to a Seinfeld resurgence. As such, there have been countless instances where despite being off-air for more than 20 years, Seinfeld resurfaces and enters the cultural zeitgeist—from The New York Times arguing that women all dress like Elaine to Kanye dancing to the theme song.

While normcore may be out as far as the fashion set is concerned, we are no doubt still in the midst of a ‘90s revival, meaning Seinfeld is still as relevant a fashion reference as ever. Below we present a selection of our favorite looks, as nonchalantly fashionable today as they were then.

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