2016 saw the North American mainstream embrace grime as a musical genre—but also the associated culture cues. On the style front, grime’s entry into the global mainstream saw Stone Island become more popular than ever, while Skepta collaborated with Nike to create a silhouette filled with nods to British culture and streetwear, as a whole, became increasingly inflected with a British twang. In the shadows, Drake—ever-ready to throw himself into cultural projects—approached Netflix to rekindle Top Boy, the celebrated British TV show that chronicled life on a London estate and shed light on the day-to-day life of the estate’s hustlers—colloquially known as “roadmen.”

What, you may wonder, does that have to do with grime and the style associated with it? Well—while Grime may have been the vehicle through which the rest of the world came to discover the aesthetic of the British streets, the genre and the clothes so closely tied to it have their roots in British roadman culture.

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