After much anticipation and an extremely successful Nike collaboration in 2017, the latest shoe from grime’s top boy—Skepta—is here.

Dubbed the Nike Air Max 97/BW, the sneaker combines the trendy Air Max BW upper with the iconic Air Max 97 air unit. The left shoe features a blue swoosh and air unit while the right is red. Skepta himself took to Instagram debut the official shots of the shoe, as well as a matching tracksuit, key for completing the roadman look. The sneaker couldn’t have come at a better time, given the Air Max 97’s continued buzz (even after its 2017 anniversary celebration) and Skepta’s own success at reworking the Air Max 97. Skepta’s Air Max 97 SK are often seen going for over two times it’s retail price, we assume these are going to be a hot release as well.

The Skepta x Nike Air Max 97/BW will release on May 18th on Nike’s webstore as well as other retailers.

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