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Author: Marc Richardson

Street Style
The Evolving Exchange Between America and Japan

The United States enjoys a special relationship with the United Kingdom that extends to...

By Marc Richardson January 17, 2019 6 Comments
Street Style
Paris Fashion Week Street Style: Fall/Winter 2019

Moving on from Milan, see what people are wearing on sidewalks of France's fashion capi...

By Marc Richardson January 17, 2019 44 Comments
Street Style
Milan Fashion Week Street Style: Fall/Winter 2019

Fresh from the festivities at Pitti Uomo, scope what's happening at Italy's second majo...

By Marc Richardson January 13, 2019 26 Comments
Street Style
Pitti Uomo 95 Street Style

Moving from the UK to the European continent, check out what's going down at Italy's fi...

By Marc Richardson January 09, 2019 28 Comments
Master Class
From Mountain Trails To Runways: A Brief History of Salomon

Those who spent winters on the snowy slopes should be familiar with Salomon. The French...

By Marc Richardson January 08, 2019 6 Comments
Street Style
London Fashion Week Street Style: Fall/Winter 2019

As the men's fashion week calendar starts up, join us as we hit the Fall/Winter 2019 sh...

By Marc Richardson January 06, 2019 30 Comments
Master Class
Embrace the Fat Tongue: A Brief History of the Nike SB Dunk

The sneaker market was fundamentally different twenty years ago. At the turn of the cen...

By Marc Richardson December 17, 2018 7 Comments
Wear the Feeling: A Selection of Our Favorite Coca-Cola Collaborations

An unimpeachable place within our collective cultural conscience, a cult-like following...

By Marc Richardson December 03, 2018 5 Comments
From Virgil Hilts to Frank Bullitt: The On-Screen Style of Steve McQueen

Ask a hundred (American) men to name a style icon and chances are the plurality will me...

By Marc Richardson November 19, 2018 9 Comments
Master Class
Clarks' Cultural Footprint

With one of the most eclectic fanbases in footwear, [Clarks](

By Marc Richardson November 15, 2018 8 Comments
Master Class
A Guide to Arc’teryx: One Fossil, Many Forms

Few brands have as varied a fan base as Arc’teryx lays claim to. Mainstream brands like...

By Marc Richardson November 12, 2018 11 Comments
Living in a Post-Yeezy World

In the last five years or so, has anybody moved the cultural needle more than Kanye Wes...

By Marc Richardson November 08, 2018 20 Comments
Master Class
The History of The German Army Trainer

No silhouette is more emblematic of menswear’s gradual acceptance of the sneaker than t...

By Marc Richardson October 23, 2018 9 Comments
Master Class
A Quick History of Reebok

What if we told you that there was a time when Nike didn’t reign supreme in the America...

By Marc Richardson October 18, 2018 4 Comments
The Radiant Child: A Selection of our Favorite Basquiat Collaborations

Jean-Michel Basquiat was without a doubt one of the most important and influential post...

By Marc Richardson October 11, 2018 13 Comments
A Striking New Trend: Volt

Fashion is, by definition, dominated by trends. Sometimes they can be defined with broa...

By Marc Richardson October 02, 2018 4 Comments