It’s hard enough to know what’s normal—but what’s so normal that it’s normcore?

“Normal” means different things to different people. To some, spending thousands—if not tens of thousands—of dollars on obscure designer garments, intricate leather pieces, or decades-old pieces is normal. To others, wearing Allbirds and whatever T-shirt they can find at Wal-Mart or Zara is. To them, the idea that someone might spend days researching a garment, and a week’s pay check on it, is utterly absurd… just as some people find Allbirds absurd.

Normal is always subjective and relative—but especially so in matters of style. Yet, one of the style archetypes in contemporary fashion is predicated on “normalcy”, albeit in an almost performative sense. “Normcore”, as it’s now referred to, has come to encapsulate so much that you might be left wondering what it actually means. And while we view it as a recent phenomenon, it’s rooted in an aesthetic philosophy that’s over a hundred years old.

So—yeah—while normcore is supposed to be about not caring, but there’s actually a lot to unpack.

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