With the rise of “camping-chic”—aka “Gorpcore”—one jacket suddenly dominates the male wardrobe: fleeces. Once relegated to granola-dudes and former deadhead dad’s, the ubiquitous mall staple has found new life as your favorite designer’s go-to transitional jacket. Considering you can wear a great fleece during fall, as a layering piece throughout winter and well into spring, it’s arguably one of the most versatile jackets in the menswear arsenal. While streetwear brands like Supreme were early adopters of the style, more recently the jacket has become a full-on runway staple. Regardless of the iteration you choose, whether you go luxe with a high-end Polartec version or simply a classic Patagonia Retro-X, the fleece is the one jacket you absolutely need this season. Rather than dig amongst the throng, we have gone ahead and done the work for you. Below, we present the best fleece jackets to buy in 2019.

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