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Issey Miyake’s journey into fashion begins in Paris in the 1960s with apprenticeships at Givenchy and Guy Laroche. He didn’t design and show his own line, Miyake Design Studio, until 1971. Miyake found success in the ’80s by experimenting with pleated polyester and incorporating this into his 1989 mainline collection. The products were so successful that he created Pleats Please, a line committed to the style, in 1993. This approach has applied to his similarly focused Homme Plissé menswear line, which is known for pleated pants. Outside of pleats, Miyake is known for his bomber jackets and Issey Sport, his sportswear line that was successful in the ’80s and ’90s. Issey Sport was designed by Chisato Tsumori.

Is Issey Miyake a luxury brand?
Yes, Issey Miyake is a luxury brand.

What is Issey Miyake famous for?
Issey Miyake is an influential designer for many reasons including his polyester pleating technique. This has informed the name of his more contemporary lines for women and men—Pleats Please and Homme Plissé respectively. Aside from the pleated pants found in his Homme Plissé line, his vintage clothing has become trendy in recent years—Including the Issey Sport sub-brand. He is also well known for his fragrance line.

Is Issey Miyake still alive?
Yes, Issey Miyake is still alive.

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