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The Foundation: Levi's 501

Identifying the foundational pieces that make a well-rounded wardrobe.

By Grailed Team April 25, 2019 5 Comments
Supreme and Levi's Reveal Two Piece Fall/Winter 2018 Collaboration

As the temperature drops, fans of Supreme and Levi’s ongoing collaborations can put awa...

By Anteneh Gebre October 30, 2018 8 Comments
From Noah to Nike: How The World's Biggest Brands Are Appealing to Environmentalism

It’s a great time to be a consumer. Brands in every sector of fashion—from athletic wea...

By Stephen Albertini July 31, 2018 3 Comments
Supreme and Levi's Are Back At It For Spring/Summer 2018

It seems like every week Supreme fluctuates between dropping collaborations with [first...

By Anteneh Gebre May 21, 2018 22 Comments
Master Class
The Mythology of Junya Watanabe

Copying, whether nefarious in nature or simply inspirational, is pervasive within fashi...

By Marc Richardson February 26, 2018 25 Comments
Master Class
Five Workwear Garments That Transformed Fashion

While workwear is a part of many people’s weekly attire and nearly everyone’s visual la...

By Jacob Victorine January 25, 2018 6 Comments
The Drop
Grailed Presents: Levi's x Harmony Project Celebrity Denim Auction

When it comes to outfitting those in communities around the country, Levi’s is more tha...

By Grailed Team November 28, 2017
Bellbottoms and Band Tees: The Enduring Appeal of "Almost Famous"

So much film and TV has idealized ‘70s style. The look and sound of rock’s heyday has h...

By Brenden Gallagher November 13, 2017 9 Comments
Master Class
Levi's and the Staying Power of American Innovation

Levi's jeans are one of, if not the most, iconic garments on the face of the planet. Th...

By Jacob Victorine November 08, 2017 12 Comments
The Unraveling of White Oak: Why The Last American Selvedge Manufacturer is Closing Its Doors

You’ve probably seen those ads paid for by America’s Cotton Producers and Importers: Sm...

By Daniel Penny October 24, 2017 17 Comments
Supreme and Levi's Reveal S/S 17 Collaboration

As Supreme continues to hit us with drop after drop of S/S 17 goods, [this season’s Lev...

By Asaf Rotman May 08, 2017 14 Comments