"Most Expensive" is a recurring franchise documenting the top 10 most expensive listings sold on Grailed over the past month.

It's clear that—when it comes to brands dominating the luxury secondhand market, there's no brand quite like Chrome Hearts. Popping up throughout this iteration of "Most Expensive", it's clear the cult biker-inspired brand (and its reworks of vintage Levi's jeans) remain a must-have. Part luxury, part workwear, it's not something everyone can pull off—but it's easy to see the high-low appeal that makes the style so popular.

It's not just Chrome Hearts on this list however. A true archival grail from Tom Ford's reign at Gucci, the number one spot on this list features something that's literally hanging in a museum... the "Gucci Garden" museum in Florence to be exact. While the listing sold on Grailed isn't literally the same jacket sitting in residence in Italy, it's a real reminder of the depth, variety and quality of items you can find hanging out here in the marketplace.

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