Few things are more synonymous with cold weather than hoodies. Originally invented in the early 20th century to protect laborers who worked in cold conditions, the hooded sweatshirt was a workwear staple for decades before eventually crossing over into the mainstream in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Today, the hoodie is a foundational piece of casual menswear—no different, really, than the T-shirt or jeans.

With the hoodie’s ever-increasing popularity—especially in the last decade—there have been increasingly varied offerings of the garment. There are hoodies made from cotton, velvet, French terry, cashmere, synthetic textiles—anything you can think of. There are are some with baggy, oversized fits, others with slim, elongated silhouettes and others, still, with side-zips and other accoutrements.

While there is a plethora of different brands providing their own spin on the hoodie, these 14 brands ought to cover the bases for most.

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