Japan’s preeminent tastemaker, Hiroshi Fujiwara is the pinnacle of Japanese streetwear. A culture fanatic bar none, Fujiwara travelled the world to discover clothes, music and the relationship between the two. An indispensable link between Tokyo and the West, Fujiwara became the country’s greatest trend forecaster, with an unprecedented understanding of both local style and how the West would inevitably impact his native Japan. A pivotal figure in the Harajuku scene, he justly earned his reputation as the “Godfather of Streetwear” by setting the template for commoditizing youth culture. Through his company, Fragment Design, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with many of the world’s most recognized brands—helping eliminate the discrepancy between streetwear and high-fashion in the process. Today, Fragment’s double lightning bolt logo is a certified stamp of approval, worth its weight in gold. More than three decades into his career, Fujiwara continues his frenetic pace, now disrupting street fashion on a global scale as one of its most respected figures.

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