Noah founder and creative director Brendon Babenzien is quite vocal about his beliefs. For those lucky enough to run into the designer at his New York City storefront, as much is abundantly clear. He may walk you through some highlights from the current collection—not the stand outs, per se, but rather pieces with profound meaning and personal connection. He will point out subtle details and clever winks to his wide-ranging sources of inspiration. Every graphic, fabric choice and construction technique is chosen with the utmost purpose, and the clothing clearly reflects it.

Noah is a thought-provoking brand, and Babenzian likewise a though-provoking designer. The designer cares as much about what his clothes say as how they look, a quality his customers praise. Whether you are a part of the referenced sub-culture or simply recognize the high-brow reference, Noah is more than the clothes it sells.

Babenzian’s graphics are the clearest example, often simple however filled with hidden symbolism. Be it a reference to pirates or a plea to save the planet, the often obscure nod is just icing on the cake for those in the know. Below, we present a selection of graphics and symbols that clearly show how Noah’s ethos is abundantly present throughout its clothing.

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