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Andrew Buenaflor aka “Neek Lurk” was born in 1988 in The Bronx. Neek moved to Las Vegas to study business management at the College of Southern Nevada. Uninterested in the social scene in Vegas, Neek spent most of his time on NikeTalk forums and gained a following by posting fit pics. His distinct look, consisting of skinny jeans, graphic tees, long hair and rare Nike SB sneakers, garnered a lot of attention on the site. After graduating college, Neek found a job at the Las Vegas Stussy store as a part-time associate but quickly became the general manager and eventually the brand’s social media marketing manager. During this time, he built relationships with west coast streetwear brands like Undefeated and The Hundreds, eventually helping them with marketing campaigns.

In 2014, Neek relocated to Los Angeles as his marketing responsibilities at Stussy grew. Later that year, after a bad breakup left him heartbroken, Neek designed a 6-panel cap emblazoned with the phrase “I Miss You” on the front and the Anti Social Social Club logo above the right ear. Soon after making the hats available for purchase, Kim Kardashian was seen wearing one during New York Fashion Week, causing the hat to sell out. Lightning struck twice when Neek expanded into apparel and Kanye West was seen wearing the Anti Social Social Club Mind Games hoodie. As with almost everything West is seen wearing, the hoodie immediately sold out and suddenly Anti Social Social Club had enormous buzz surrounding it.

Since then, Anti Social Social Club has gone on to produce other products. Even with more diverse offerings, the hoodies remain the brand’s most sought-after pieces. Whether you’re looking for collaborations with brands like Neighborhood and Playboy or mainline pieces like the Kkoch hoodie and Masochism hoodie you’ll find Anti Social Social Club on Grailed.

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