The Hundreds


The Hundreds was founded by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar in Los Angeles in 2003. The streetwear brand was one of many who benefitted from the late-’00s streetwear boom, when previously niche, streetwear-focused brands experienced rapid growth. Seemingly overnight, The Hundreds signature Adam Bomb logo was everywhere; its T-shirts and hoodies couldn’t stay on shelves. Eventually business cooled down, but The Hundreds has been steadily releasing collaborations to keep eyes on the brand, recently with adidas, Half Evil and Chinatown Market.

Where is Bobby Hundreds from?
Bobby Kim aka Bobby Hundreds is from Los Angeles, California.

Is The Hundreds a skate brand?
The Hundreds does not sell skateboard equipment; it is a streetwear brand.

When did The Hundreds start?
The Hundreds was founded in 2003.

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