Though thoroughly derided in the early-2000s, today,'90s trends are viewed as a high-point in recent fashion history. The last decade before the internet fully overhauled the fashion landscape, the '90s were a unique period, with a strong economy and consumerism rapidly rising right alongside the emergence of varied subcultures rejecting that same excess. With '80s maximalism on the way out and minimalism, muted colors and a radical questioning of masculinity on the rise, '90s fashion varied greatly. Even still, one central theme stood out: simplicity.

Whereas the two decades prior celebrated bold colors, dramatic tailoring and in-your-face prints, the '90s tossed all that aside for a laid back, less aggressive, and considerably more comfortable approach to dress. Suits became slimmer, jeans looser, sneakers more angular and colors less saturated. While trends tend to move in 20 year-cycles, even as we enter the 2020s, '90s trends continue to resurface. So, in order to stay ahead of the curve, here are the decade’s best trends, and how they translate today.

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