Originally started and shelved in the mid-2000s, Brendon Babenzien’s Noah simply labels itself as an American men’s clothing brand, but those in the know, know it’s much more than that. After years of serving as the design director of Supreme, Babenzien left the streetwear giant to start something that felt more true to his current interests and passions—including running, surfing, environmentalism and sociopolitics. Since its rebirth in 2015, Noah has held itself and the fashion world at large accountable for its impact on society and the environment. The brand’s blog constantly posts about how the production of clothing is largely harmful to the environment and why you should follow the old adage of “buy less, buy better,” among other social causes. Noah’s clothing is designed to be the bridge between adolescence and adulthood. A mix of streetwear and prep, Noah’s best selling items are its hoodies, T-shirts and hats while its more preppier pieces are highly sought-after in the menswear community.

Who started Noah?
Noah was founded by Brendon Babenzien.

Where can you buy Noah?
Noah is available on its website, a select few stockists and Grailed.

Is Noah owned by Supreme?
No, Noah is not owned by Supreme.

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