"More Than" is an ongoing series for those looking to move past cult brands and onto elevated and refined alternatives. Whether you are simply exploring or are already a devoted fan, each brand below—while tangentially related—allows the wearer to expand his or her repertoire while simultaneously standing out from the crowd.

Since 1994, Supreme has been the focal point of American streetwear. While earlier brands built a foundation, and others have since expanded the lexicon, no singular label has managed to flip the fashion paradigm quite like New York’s billion dollar behemoth. The reason streetwear and men’s runway fashion go hand-in-hand is no doubt due to Supreme, and the patented drop schedule has drastically altered the way modern men—and consumers in general—shop. That said, for all its infinite wisdom, Supreme does have its shortcomings. The barrage of 13-year-olds and resellers undoubtedly turns off many, and the insurmountable hype often means you can never seem to buy what you want—unless you are willing to pay a tax on it. For those in either camp, a slew of streetwear brands have emerged in the past 10 years that explore similar themes while avoiding many of Supreme’s negative connotations. Whether you are ready to tread new waters, or are simply tired of the Red Bogo Madness, the follow brands are the ones for you.

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