Project Upgrade is a recurring franchise for those just starting their style journey. Each entry introduces three dependable, stylish—and above all, attainable—brands perfect for building your wardrobe, all at a prices well below retail. If you have been itching to update your wardrobe but unsure which direction to go in, look no further

With spring fast approaching, jackets are going back into storage as we grow ever closer to the coveted “sweatshirts and hoodie” weather. This season, with tie-dye still trending hard, neon and highlighter are dominating the wardrobes of stylish men everywhere. For many of us, these bold colors and animated patterns seem daunting, as does wading through a mountain of tacky T-shirts at you local thrift store in order to find them. Even worse, the unpredictable weather makes it near impossible to dress appropriately for what you hoped would be a perfect spring day. Thankfully, a number of labels have this irreverent, yet still highly practical aesthetic down to a science. Below we present three labels who manage to combine utility and comfort, with an added kick of flair—all at prices you can only find on Grailed.