Men’s jewelry is a nebulous topic for even those clued into the most obscure and insular sectors of the men’s fashion world. Archaic societal norms generally dictate that men wear little more than a wedding band and watch, and occasionally a guy will put on something like a class ring or Livestrong bracelet. Meanwhile, women are encouraged to indulge in the full gamut of accessories; necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings—for fingers, toes, noses, eyebrows, ears—there’s no limit.

Luckily, we’ve since moved beyond the point of outdated gender standards that divide men and women’s fashion—countless brands, large and small, have emerged in the past couple decades to cater to the growing men’s jewelry market. It’s no longer a realm occupied solely by well-heeled consumers seeking auspicious, gaudy displays of wealth. Rather, men coming from all walks of life and styles of clothing can choose from a wide array of brands. Of course, the large fashion houses produce jewelry lines, but there’s something to be gained from a focus on the smaller brands that exclusively produce jewelry and accessories.

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