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When it was created, The Converse Rubber Shoe Company was a subsidiary of Marquis Mills, a company that was known for producing rubber galoshes and other waterproof goods. As the rise of professional sports teams began to take place in the United States in the early-1900s, new shoes were being created for them. The shoe originally called the “No-Skid,” now known as the Converse All Star, was put into production in 1915 and renamed in 1920. It’s also commonly referred to as the “Chuck Taylor”, named after a basketball player who found himself as a salesman and ambassador for the brand. Although Converse later introduced models such as the One Star, the All Star is the brand’s top model. 100 years later, it remains one of, if not the, most popular sneaker of all time. In recent years, brands such as Off-White, J.W. Anderson and Comme des Garçons have collaborated with Converse on different iterations of the All-Star, amongst others.

Is Converse owned by Nike?
Yes, Nike purchased Converse in 2003.

Are Chucks and Converse the same thing?
In a way, yes. Converse is the brand while “Chucks” is a nickname for the Converse All Star—which gained popularity thanks to basketball player and, ultimately, salesman, Chuck Taylor. Due to the shoe’s popularity, when someone says “Converse”, they are more than likely referring to the All Star sneaker or “Chucks”.

Are Converse made in the USA?
No, Converse are made in factories in China and Vietnam.

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