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Since 1997, Takahiro Miyashita’s Number (N)ine label has been producing highly detailed, Americana inspired clothing. Taking its name from the song “Revolution 9” by The Beatles, music was especially influential to Number (N)ine when compared to most brands of its time. The brand’s Fall/Winter 2008 and 2009 collections are among its most beloved. While Number (N)ine continues to produce collections under new ownership, Miyashita left the brand after creative differences and management issues. While Miyashita currently designs for the cult brand, Takahiro Miyashita TheSoloist., his work for Number (N)ine is particularly in-demand in archival fashion circles. These days,Number (N)ine is best known for its jeans and T-shirts.

When did Number (N)ine start?
Takahiro Miyashita started the brand Number (N)ine in 1997.

When did Takahiro Miyashita leave Number (N)ine?
Takahiro Miyashita left Number (N)ine after presenting his last collection for Fall/Winter 2009 “A Closed Feeling”

Where can I buy Number (N)ine?
New Number (N)ine pieces are available on the Number (N)ine official website while archival pieces are available on Grailed.

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