Goro’s has garnered a worldwide cult following without so much as a functional website. Each day, devoted customers will queue outside Goro’s Harajuku store, hoping for a chance to purchase their famous handcrafted jewelry and leather goods. The brand has been operating out of that single location since 1972 and has no traditional marketing budget or social media accounts to speak of. Choosing to maintain the quality and exclusivity of their products at the expense of greater sales growth and retail expansion, Goro’s staff are notorious for refusing to sell to customers if they feel like a product would not suit them.

This unyielding brand ethos comes courtesy of the late founder, Goro Takahashi. A direct reflection of Takahashi’s life travels and passion for craftsmanship, Goro’s product is largely inspired by the designer’s time spent with the Lakota tribe in North and South Dakota. This mix of personal experience, centuries-old sacred traditions, and skilled craftsmanship is what makes Goro’s truly one of a kind.

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