New Era

New Era


After working at the John Miller Cap Company for 18 years, Ehrhardt Koch started the New Era Cap Company in 1920. In 1934, Ehrhardt Koch’s son Harold joined the company and had the idea to produce baseball caps, just as the game was becoming America’s top sport. Over the following decades, the brand would slowly become the top supplier of baseball caps. The hats made a major mark outside of the baseball diamond when Spike Lee requested a custom red New York Yankees cap. From then on, the Yankees fitted cap became a common sight in the streets of New York, and soon enough every city was filled with people wearing caps with their respective teams logo on them. This, in addition to collaborations with Supreme, Aimé Leon Dore and Fear of God, makes it easy to see why nearly 100 years later, New Era is still the name in baseball caps.

Where are New Era hats made?
New Era hats are made in a variety of countries including China and Vietnam.

Who is the owner of New Era?
Christopher H. Koch is the CEO and owner of New Era.

Where is the New Era headquarters?
New Era headquarters is in Buffalo, New York.

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