This year brought about a necessary evolution in the overall sneaker landscape and we as consumers were rewarded with some great shoes in the process.

While rappers continue to dominate the space and dictate what’s hyped and what isn’t, the top spot usually secured by Kanye West is currently under siege. While his Yeezy line saw continued growth and steady sales, younger rappers like Travis Scott are firmly on his heels. Scott specifically had a monster 2019 and was the reason for some of the year’s most fanatical drops.

We are firmly in the era of collaborations (and have been for quite some time), but sneaker companies are mining for collaborators who bring something new to the table. While designers like Virgil Abloh and Jerry Lorenzo continue to churn out excellent product and remain indispensable assets for Nike, we also saw brands collaborate with lesser known entities like Cactus Plant Flea Market and JJJJound, to equally thrilling results.

Every brand has come to the realization that athletes no longer dominate the sneaker industry. It’s become more prescient than ever to not just produce quality shoes–whether it be a completely new design or a reimagination of a classic in the archives–but to align yourself with brands and designers who elicit a response from the public. That’s exactly what we saw this year.

From the ultramodern silhouettes to the familiar classics, and from the audacious designs to the simplistic, in no particular order, here are the 10 Best Sneakers of 2019.

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