“Collaboration is critical to our work at Nike—within our own teams to build on our ideas, and with outside partners who can help take us to new places,” said Mark Parker, Chairman and CEO of Nike. “Each relationship brings a different point of view or skill that we’re interested in. Once you go through the creative process together, you always learn something. And you might not even realize what that is until you start the next project.”

As per Parker, Nike is defined by both collaboration and innovation. Initially fashion averse, over the past decade Nike has embraced creatives from all walks of life. From fashion moguls to streetwear brands and artists to celebrities, Nike and its subsidiaries have been open to working with anyone who can tell a story and in doing so take the brand in a new direction. For Nike, collaboration is more than simply putting two names together. It’s about finding synergy between two partners where the resulting product is more than the sum of its parts, setting the blueprint for releases moving forward. Below, we present a selection of the most notable brands, stores, artists and individuals whose work with Nike over the past decade has transcended product and elevated the brand as a whole.

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