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JJJJound is the brainchild of former #BEENTRILL# member Justin Saunders. Saunders launched JJJJound as a blog (or “digital mood board” as he describes it) in 2006. While many people around the world were blogging at the time, what set JJJJound apart from the rest was the decision to focus exclusively on images. Saunders' ability to curate a seemingly never-ending stream of color coordinated images caught the attention of style enthusiasts around the world. In 2013, to commemorate an exhibit featuring work by Saunders and his friend, Claudio Marzano, JJJJound released canvas tote bags, marking the beginning of JJJJound evolving from a mood board to a brand. For the next few years, JJJJound slowly released the kind of accessories one would expect to see on the blog. In 2016, JJJJound began collaborating with footwear brands, the first being Victory Sportswear. The successful release set off a string of highly covetable collaborations between JJJJound and Vans, Reebok and New Balance. Now working out of a studio in Montreal, JJJJound releases products on an infrequent basis. Regardless of the items he and his team drop, Saunders’ army of taste-obsessed followers leave the JJJJound webstore empty every time.

Who made JJJJound?
Justin Saunders is the founder of JJJJound.

When did JJJJound start?
JJJJound was started in 2006.

Where can I get JJJJound?
JJJJound is available via it’s webstore and Grailed.

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