Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh


Virgil Abloh is a multi-hyphenate creative from Rockford, Illinois. Prior to pursuing a career in fashion, he was an architecture student at the Illinois Institute of Technology. During this time he began designing T-shirts on the Adobe Suite software he purchased for school. In the mid-2000s, Abloh met Kanye West and became a creative consultant to the artist and eventually his right hand man on all things design related. The two would even become interns at Fendi. The momentum of Abloh’s work with Kanye West led to other creative endeavours like #BEENTRILL# and Pyrex Vision. After years of experimenting with these projects, Abloh launched his first sincere attempt at a fashion label in 2012 with Off-White. Only six years later, he was chosen to be the men’s artistic director for Louis Vuitton. Despite the “hate it or love it” critiques that follow him, Abloh has quickly made it to the top of the fashion world.

Does Virgil Abloh own Off-White?
No, Virgil Abloh does not own Off-White.

Who is Virgil Abloh’s wife?
Virgil Abloh’s wife is Shannon Abloh.

What is the name of the first Virgil Abloh brand?
Virgil Abloh’s first brand was called Pyrex Vision.

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