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After Pyrex Vision and before his appointment as Menswear Artistic Director for Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh’s main fashion outlet was Off-White. Abloh conceived Off-White in 2012, ultimately launching in earnest in 2013. Abloh’s goal with Off-White was to mix streetwear with high fashion; the name inspired by the Black and White cultures colliding, or, “defining the grey area between black and white,” as the brand puts it. Off-White is based in Milan and is known for graphics involving air quotes, capital letters and diagonal lines. The brand quickly became a success and in 2015, Abloh was nominated for the LVMH prize for Young Fashion Designers for his work with Off-White (the only American nominated).
Among Off-White’s most popular items are the Industrial Belt, Arrow Tee and iPhone Case. Even with several popular items, no single mainline Off-White piece is nearly as popular as the brand's partnership with Nike. Starting with a collection known as “The Ten”, Abloh’s ongoing collaboration with Nike has boosted the profile of Off-White to rarified air. With runway collections and streetwear-inflected drops, it’s clear that Abloh’s brand represents a new wave in “contemporary luxury” fashion. It’s thanks to this and Abloh’s own cultural cachet that Off-White will likely remain a brand of note for years to come.

Is Off-White expensive?
The majority of Off-White items sell at retail between $250-$500 however there are always bargains to find on Grailed.

Why is Off-White so popular?
Off-White’s founder is a long-time friend and collaborator of Kanye West. Off-White has been seen on a variety of celebrities including Beyoncé and Serena Williams. Off-White founder Virgil Abloh is also seen as a celebrity and so the brand has received a lot of exposure over the years.

What is the official Off-White website?

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