Eric Emanuel

Eric Emanuel


Instead of waiting to graduate and start a clothing line like most designers, Syracuse native Eric Emanuel was selling clothing before he earned his diploma. Towards the end of his senior year at The Fashion Institute of Technology, he began making snakeskin basketball jerseys. After a while, Emanuel fell out of love with his upscale jerseys but still wanted to do something with sportswear. He turned to his own wardrobe for inspiration and found that no brand was making athletic shorts the way he wanted. By focusing on and personally crafting a product other brands would simply buy from a big wholesaler, screenprint and stock, Emanuel believes he has earned the title he prints on his packaging: “The Best Shorts in the World.”. Made in New York with all components sourced from the United States, Emanuel’s single layer shorts have become the go-to for hypebeasts around the country. Emanuel’s shorts have garnered opportunities to work on other products in collaborations with big sportswear brands such as New Era and Reebok.

Where can I buy Eric Emanuel shorts?
Eric Emanuel shorts are available on his website and Grailed.

Where is Eric Emanuel from?
Eric Emanuel is from Syracuse, New York.

Where are Eric Emanuel shorts made?
Eric Emanuel shorts are made in New York.

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