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In 2003, adidas and Yohji Yamamoto teamed up to create Y-3. Long before every high fashion designer had a sneaker collaboration with an athletic company, or a collaboration with any affordable company for that matter, Y-3 defined an entire style of clothing. Yamamoto was bored of the fashion world he’d spent 30 years making a name in, instead finding interest in sneakers and the way people were starting to wear them with formalwear. Yamamoto initially approached Nike with the general idea of working together, but Nike was uninterested with working with fashion designers at the time. However adidas, Yamamoto’s second name on the list, was immediately receptive and gave Yamamoto plenty to work with. The first Y-3 runway show featured over 60 looks and the show was met with a warm reception. The collaborative brand's elegant sportswear was unique and garnered a cult following that in turn was beneficial for both adidas and Yamamoto. Y-3 sneakers such as the Qasa High and PureBoost were incredibly popular among sportswear and high fashion fans.

Is Y-3 a designer?
Y-3 is a long-running collaborative brand between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto.

Why is it called Y-3?
The brand is called Y-3 because the “Y” represents Yohji Yamamoto’s name and the “3” represents adidas’ three stripes.

Are Y-3s Yeezys?
No, Y-3 and Yeezy are two separate adidas collaborations.

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