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By 2005, Rick Owens had made quite a name for himself. Growing from the buzz of L.A.’s underground fashion culture to having his runway show sponsored by Vogue, there are few designers like Rick Owens. The year would mark another milestone for Owens, as he launched his men’s denim line under the name Rick Owens DRKSHDW.

While the diffusion line has since come to do so much more than jeans, DRKSHDW was originally intended to solely be Owens’ outlet for minimalist American denim silhouettes. Despite being made in Italy alongside Rick Owens mainline garments, most DRKSHDW jeans are named after American cities. DRKSHDW’s most popular cut, Detroit, is known for its slim fit and angled seams. Another fan favorite is the Torrance cut features a waxed finish, mid-rise waist and straight leg fit along with the same angled seams as the Detroit cut.

Over time, DRKSHDW began to expand from simply offering jeans and other denim goods to becoming a full fledged diffusion line. While diffusion lines have existed as far back as the 1980s, few are quite as entangled in its mainline counterparts as DRKSHDW is to Rick Owens. Both lines are produced in the same factory, share the same design team and often share the same elements in their goods. For example, the Rick Owens Ramones sneaker and the DRKSHDW Ramones are the same silhouette; the primary difference is that the mainline version is made with leather and the DRKSHDW version is made with canvas. DRKSHDW’s minimalist designs lend themselves to layering, one of Owens’ signature design elements. While DRKSHDW’s designs are diffusions of those incorporated into Rick Owens runway shows, the DRKSHDW garments generally lend themselves to the story and concepts Owens addresses in each of his mainline collections.

While Rick Owens’ mainline can be intimidating and too avant-garde for some, the DRKSHDW line is full of simple yet dark and interesting streetwear pieces for those looking to dip their toe into the world of Rick Owens. While Rick Owens is one of the most conceptual designers in the world, those who are trying to understand or add Owens’ unique fashion perspective to their closets should start here.

What is Rick Owens DRKSHDW?
Rick Owens DRKSHDW is a diffusion line started by the Californian designer in 2005 offering an accessible, streetwear-like take on the designers mainline goods.

Where are Rick Owens shoes made?
Rick Owens shoes are made in Modena, Italy.

How old is Rick Owens?
Rick Owens was born on November 18, 1962.

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