Nike ACG

Nike ACG


Nike All Conditions Gear, aka ACG, officially launched in 1989 with the release of the Son of Lava Dome and Wildwood shoes alongside a small collection of weatherproof apparel. Since its inception, ACG has always set out to differentiate itself from Nike’s other lines. Whereas just about every other Nike outlet was sleek and sporty, ACG was crunchy and funny; less destination minded, more focused on enjoying the journey. One of ACG’s most iconic releases came towards the beginning of the brand’s history, the 1991 Nike Air Mowabb. After some years away, Nike relaunched ACG as NikeLab ACG and put Acronym founder Errolson Hugh in the driver’s seat. At the new ACG, Hugh brought his all-black techwear and urban-ninja aesthetic to the brand previously known for bright colored hiking gear. While Hugh’s designs for Acronym are beloved by many in the men’s style community, the high price tag makes Acronym inaccessible to most. NikeLab ACG became a cult favorite in the marketplace for essentially delivering a more accessibly-priced, widely-available version of Hugh’s techwear label. Hugh’s time at Nike ACG was short lived however, and in 2018, Hugh left NikeLab ACG. In 2019, Nike reintroduced ACG with a focus on reproducing its colorful, retro style, and the brand continues to produce gear similar to its heyday of the 1990s.

What does ACG stand for?
ACG stands for “All Conditions Gear.”

Is Nike ACG waterproof?
Not all Nike ACG products are waterproof or water-resistant. Be sure to check the product’s detail before purchasing.

When did Nike ACG start?
Nike ACG officially launched in 1989.

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