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In the early 2010s, men were looking for alternatives to denim. The raw denim craze left many men either fatigued or simply wanting to mix things up instead of wearing the same pair of jeans every day. However, slim was still king, and the straight fit chinos and cargo pants in malls across America were unappealing. Insert John Elliott, the man who changed the sweatpant from a sloppy garment never worn outside the home to what would become an upscale take on the now-ubiquitous “jogger pant.” John Elliott started his eponymous brand (at the time called John Elliott + Co.) in 2011 with the Escobar Sweatpants. The Escobar Sweatpants, made with French terry fabric, slim fitting with a slight drop crotch, rounded out by a RiRi zipper at the back pocket, were (and still are) a hit. They became the ideal pants in an era when men wanted to highlight the exclusive sneakers they were wearing. Equally as important to the brand is the Villain Hoodie—a slim fitting French terry hoodie with vertical RiRi zippers that conceal a pouch pocket. These two items created a silhouette Elliott would build his brand on. Since then, John Elliott has had over a dozen collections as well as collaborations with Nike and Gap.

Who designed John Elliott?
John Elliott is the head designer of his eponymous brand.

When did John Elliott start?
John Elliott started his brand in 2011.

Where is John Elliott from?
John Elliott is from Los Angeles, California.

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