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Hysteric Glamour Men's Clothing

Genre defining Japanese label Hysteric Glamour was founded by Nobuhiko Kitamura in 1984. The brand known for its distinct combination of punk music subculture with vintage Americana heritage also specializes in womenswear. Idiosyncratic Hysteric Glamour menswear tops often feature eye-catching graphics and rock-inspired motifs. Printed long sleeves peek out from under short sleeve t-shirts for a 90s inspired look. The line’s meticulously distressed bottoms and denim have not only outfitted but also defined global youth subculture for over a quarter century. Hysteric Glamour’s broad range of light jackets, sweatshirts and outerwear make well-informed everyday wardrobe favorites. Stud encrusted belts and jewelry from the brand’s broad range of expertly detailed accessories complete the irreverent and rebellious look.

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