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Hysteric Glamour was founded by Nobuhiko Kitamura, a Tokyo native who was obsessed with the New Wave and Punk Rock bands coming out of New York in the 1970s. He even discovered his future alma mater, Tokyo Mode Gakuen Fashion School, while digging for imported records. After graduating fashion school in 1984, Kitamura began working at Ozone Community, where his coworkers encouraged him to start his own label. Hysteric Glamour’s rebellious look and approach caught the eyes of Japanese fashion editors and the brand took off. Hysteric Glamour’s T-shirts and jeans inspired a generation of brands that came after it. Recently, Hysteric Glamour released a collaboration with Supreme.

Who started Hysteric Glamour?
Hysteric Glamour was founded by Nobuhiko Kitamura.

Is Hysteric Glamour owned by Supreme?
No, Hysteric Glamour is not owned by Supreme.

Where was Hysteric Glamour founded?
Hysteric Glamour is Japanese brand.

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