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Cav Empt was founded by Toby Feltwell, Sk8thing and Hishiyama Yutaka. Having worked at companies such as BAPE and Billionaire Boys Club, the three creatives got together to try their collective hand at a different type of streetwear. Since 2011, Cav Empt has pushed the boundaries of graphic based streetwear with its T-shirts and hoodies which led to an interesting and sought-after Nike collaboration.

What does Cav Empt mean?
The name Cav Empt comes from the Latin phrase “caveat emptor”, which translates to, “the principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.”

Who owns Cav Empt?
The founders Toby Feltwell, Sk8thing and Hishiyama Yutaka still own Cav Empt.

When did Cav Empt start?
Cav Empt was founded in 2011.

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